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  • My Top 5 Mindfulness Blogs.
    It is no secret that I rate mindfulness. It has added a real depth and calm to my existence. At a basic level it is about staying in the present moment. However, this is just the beginning of a very rich subject. There is such an abundance of information available it can be difficult toContinue reading “My Top 5 Mindfulness Blogs.”
  • Mental Health at Work
    Work Work Work! We can spend a lot of time there. Luckily, employers are starting to recognise the benefits of nurturing their employees mental well-being. So, for this blog post I have a guest writer – Julie Morris. Please have a read of Julie’s insightful article below. Thank you Julie for this informative contribution. InnovativeContinue reading “Mental Health at Work”
  • Disability Pride Month
    July is Disability Pride Month 🌈 So I wanted to end this important month by sharing a poem I wrote. I feel it ties in nicely with the sentiment. For anyone who is living with a disability, visible or invisible – you matter and deserve to feel connected to the world and everyone in it.Continue reading “Disability Pride Month”

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