Dear Jenny,

If you are reading this then you are probably having a rough day. That’s OK, I hear you and want you to know you’re not alone. We have had difficult days before and although the feelings are painful and all consuming I promise you, they will pass. They always do.

Please don’t be hard on yourself. I know you will be beating yourself up. What would you say to a loved one who was feeling how you are today? I imagine you would be supportive and non judgemental. Why not try and offer yourself the same kindness?

You are a wonderful person. Compassionate, funny and wise. Many people love you and would want to support you. If you feel able to reach out then that’s great. If not then that is fine too.

Today is about taking small steps. Things that have made you feel better before. Perhaps a relaxing bubble bath or some deep breathing exercises. Or stand outside and take in the world using all of your senses. Stay in the moment as much as you can. Cuddle the dog, watch a funny film. Cry, laugh or get angry and punch a pillow. Whatever you need, do it.

Take extra care of yourself Jenny. You are important and have so much to offer no matter what you thoughts are telling you today. Remember not to believe everything you think!

I’m right behind you, cheering you on and offering a hand to hold. Tomorrow, things may seem a little less tough. For now, just let things be. The bad days make the good that little bit more blissful.

All my love, Jenny xx

This is a compassionate letter I wrote to myself. I composed it on a day I was feeling mentally well and was functioning in my “adult brain.” This is the part of me that is rational, mature and able to see things in a more nuanced way. This part of me often disappears during difficult times to be replaced by my frightened and flailing inner child. When she comes into play she needs all the support I can give her.

So I placed this letter along with some other items I find soothing and uplifting in a box. My Compassionate Kit Box. I don’t need to use it often but it is nice to know I have it ready. It has been a massive comfort on many dark days.

It is so important that we nurture our inner child. They usually show up when we are feeling vulnerable and have an unmet need. Compassion and understanding are a really good place to start.

Compassion Care Kit

In my Compassion Care Kit I have the following items…

  • Compassionate letter to myself.
  • Positive mantra flashcards.
  • My nan’s headscarf and a picture of us together. These make me feel safe and happy.
  • Some childish erasers and marbles – I collected these as a child. If I am having a difficult day I will organise the marbles into colours or types. This nurtures my inner child as there is a positive childhood association. It is also quite grounding and soothing.
  • I will be adding some of my childhood books and a teddy once I collect them from my parents loft.
  • I may add some certificates. Past achievements are a positive thing to reflect on when my self-esteem is waning.

You can fill your care kit with whatever is meaningful to you. Like me you can start small and add to it over time. Choose items that make you feel good about yourself. The possibilities are endless!

Give it a go, do something nice for your inner child today!