Mental Health at Work

Work Work Work! We can spend a lot of time there. Luckily, employers are starting to recognise the benefits of nurturing their employees mental well-being.

So, for this blog post I have a guest writer – Julie Morris. Please have a read of Julie’s insightful article below. Thank you Julie for this informative contribution.

Innovative Ways Employers Are Offering Up Benefits to Their Team Members

In this article, Jennifer Dodd will explore the many steps that employers are taking in order to provide a more satisfying work environment for their employees. Nowadays, this includes things like coaching programs, yoga classes, counseling sessions, nutrition videos and more. These types of benefits are not only helpful but also show an employer’s appreciation for their team members.

Employees who feel appreciated by their company are happier and less likely to leave the company which can lead to higher profits as well as better health for its employees. It is important to find these innovative ways because if you don’t offer your team members perks, they may begin looking elsewhere or worse yet be unhappy with their job which could lead them to make mistakes.

What types of innovative benefits can you offer?

Offering these types of innovative benefits can not only help keep your team members satisfied with their job but also increase company morale. It is important to think about what would be the best fit for your industry and company culture when considering if you want to offer certain benefits to your employees. While not all employers will want to offer the same benefits, there are some that everyone could benefit from such as hiring a wellness coach or nutritionist who can hold seminars throughout the year and teach members of the team how to take better care of themselves.

Here are some of our favorites

Offering educational benefits

Many employers have learned the advantages of offering employees educational benefits. By contributing to your staff’s higher education, you can show your interest in their professional development, and then help them apply those skills to boost business.

Online courses are a great option too, and online degree programs can provide coursework that helps your staff comfortably achieve their diplomas at their own pace.

Providing yoga classes

Yoga is a great way for employees to relieve stress and it also helps promote mindfulness. Yoga classes can be done in the office or externally depending on the preference of your team members.

To provide the best experience for your employees, it is important to keep in mind their interests. For example, a team member who enjoys hiking might be interested in joining a company that offers outdoor activities as benefits rather than yoga sessions.

Offering a personal trainer

Having a team member who holds regular fitness classes and is also available for one-on-one sessions can be extremely beneficial to your employees. This helps with both the spiritual and physical health of employees which leads to a healthier, more productive team.

Personal trainers are shown to help with building confidence and losing weight which allows employees to live a happier, healthier life.

Offering counseling sessions

Happiness is something that people value when looking for jobs. By offering counseling services, you can show your team members how much you care about their mental wellbeing, boost productivity more easily and also help keep turnover low by helping your team members deal with issues they may be dealing with that are affecting their job performance.

Try These New Age Benefits!

The benefits you offer your employees can have a tremendous impact on their happiness and productivity. What’s more, they don’t even need to be expensive. In fact, some of the most powerful benefits are free! For example, giving team members access to online courses or counseling sessions can help them get ahead in life, while also boosting company morale. What other types of innovative benefits could your business provide?

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